Our Mission

Mission Statement and Vision for Better Together In Christ
San Felipe, BC, Mexico

Many people live in poverty all around the world and San Felipe, BC, Mexico, is no exception. In 2006, a small group of North Americans from the US, Canada and Mexico, residing in the San Felipe area, felt that God was leading them to reach out to others. During a study developed by Rick Warren, entitled “Forty Days of Community,” the group sensed that God was challenging them to serve those less fortunate. This group formed what is now known as “Better Together in Christ”. Mission Statement – The mission of Better Together is threefold:

  1. Sharing some of what God has given to us by providing food, medicine, and clothing to the elderly of San Felipe according to their needs.
  2. Improving the living conditions of these elderly by building, repairing, or creating structures for them, as needed.
  3. Offering spiritual support by praying with them and for them.

Note:  Although Better Together is a Christian organization, there is no religious prerequisite for those receiving our assistance or for those wishing to become a part of our group. Our Purpose – Our purpose is to seek out, by recommendation or observation, the elderly that have genuine needs. These needs are presented to the group for consideration, and the group then develops a plan to address those needs. Our Objective – Our objective is to minister to and help people as God leads us. Our Goal The goal of Better Together is to expand, in order to help an even greater number of elderly in San Felipe, and to continue to provide for the elderly with needs, without losing the personal touch that gives members of the group a reason to continue. Through our group’s personal contributions, and with the financial help of local service organizations, Better Together has been able to provide material goods and building improvements for the elderly. Better Together has gained respect in the community and is becoming known and trusted as a credible entity for providing unselfish and much needed aid to the elderly population of San Felipe. Those interested in joining Better Together need only to see the gratitude from the elderly people we serve and to hear of the miracles we have witnessed to understand why we love what we do.

14 Responses to Our Mission

  1. India Gonzalez says:

    God willing, I will be in San Felipe Friday, April 15, 2013. I have a contribution to drop off and I don’t have a contact. Could some one please contact me at my e-mail address. india.gonzalez@verizon.net.

    Thank you.

  2. Ken 'hockey puck' Nordin says:

    Well, my ol’ baker unit partner and spa tile setter, what a plesant surprise to find you involved in an organization like this. I’m impressed and very happy for you and Jill. I don’t really use the ‘hockey puck’ name but thought you’d find the memory humorous.


  3. May Rocha says:

    The site looks good. We already know the group does great work. Met a new possible client today. It is very uplifting work and a great way to get to know our local neighbors in town. Everytime I go to visit, I feel more and more a viable part of the community.

    • Jill Reinstadler says:

      It IS uplifting! We get so much more than we give when we are reaching out to help others.

      • Betty DeMent says:

        I am grateful God introduced me to these fine people both members and recipients. The gratude in the eyes of the recipents is sufficient reward. Money does not solve problems; although it helps but people to people is more important. Thank you Lord

  4. Lyndon & Sue Ruyter says:

    Dear Ken & Jill and the rest of our San Felipe Better Together friends,
    We had some of the most wonderful and rewarding times ever serving with you and we look foreward to our return to San Felipe this December.

    • Jill Reinstadler says:

      And we have been SOOO blessed by your participation Lyndon & Sue! We look forward to your return. BEE blessed! :-)

  5. Judie and Phil Miller says:

    Good work! Keep it up and let me know when I can help, we are leaving the Baja soon and will return late October. See you then, Judie and Phil

  6. Don Carson says:

    Just moved to San Felipe six months ago and Iam looking to do some volunteer
    looking forward to meeting the groop

  7. BJ Sweitzer says:

    Wow! I am impressed; what a great mission statement. And I love the fact that the organization has no religious prerequisite other than believing in God and trying to help mankind.

    Thanks for sharing your information. I will try to help some in the future. bj

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