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Cataract Project Update June 2012

Even with our regular meetings suspended until October…..we have been blessed with opportunities to continue with our cataract project. In partnership with the Lion’s Club…Better Together in Christ members have stayed busy! Here’s an update from our Cataract Project Coordinator, Mary Beardslee. Thank you to all who have been and continue to support this effort with prayers and with financial support!

Dear Friends,
This week Paul took 4 men to the Institute in Ensenada. Benjamin had surgery for ptergium on both eyes. He is doing well and seeing much better. He has to use drops for several weeks like a cataract patient. Camillo had a large piece of plastic removed from his eye, from a botched surgery done about 2005. The infection in his eye will probably clear now that the plastic is out of the eye. He has a cataract in the other eye. Omar had a follow up on his eyes. The Dr. said it is a miracle as he is seeing much better than expected. Armando had an injection in his eye as part of pre-op for next weeks vitrectomy.
On July 2, Paul will take 2 men for cataract surgery, both men from the Lions clinic. Pedro is one that we did a surgery on last year. He will have the other eye done. Gilberto Valdez is the other gentleman. He is not impoverished and will help with the cost of his surgery. He was quoted 1,200 dollars in Mexicali, which his family could not afford.
On July 10, we plan to take 2 ladies for surgery if they can pass the physical. Rosa Gonzalez is blind but her blood glucose and blood pressure are too high. She is going to go to Salud and get her medicine increased but if it cannot be controlled she will not be a candidate for surgery. It is very important that we take care to make sure that the patients are healthy enough for the surgery and they will be compliant with after care.
That is what we’ve been doing, taking people to the lab, Dr. office and checking on the people. Please pray for all of our people and safe travels. God bless, Mary

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Protected: Route 2 Map

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Our “Bag Ladies” deliver supplemental food to our care receivers

Dear Bag Ladies,

We are blessed this year with the means and even more beautiful bag ladies to double our efforts here in San Felipe as we visit the elderly poor. When we deliver our fresh fruits and vegetables, we continue to share loving kindness. We are able to provide a summer safety net for our friends and to report on health issues and other needs that they may have. We are, indeed, Better Together In Christ.

Thank you all: May Rocha, Regina Wallen, Sandi Cozens, Jill Fort, Susan Young, Suzanne Ellen, and Donita Reeves. We always need more volunteers, so if you have time on Wed mornings please let me know.

We saw: Route 2 on May 30th, 2012
Teresa (next time Rosario) Emelia, Benjamin, Celia, Elosia, and Ramona

Our next delivery and orientation is Wed June 6th at 8:00 at Petes Camp.
we will see Route 1 Arturo, Magdelena, Felipe and Vicki, Marcos and Tomasa, Antonia, and Angelina

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We were blessed during our September 2011 – May 2012 season

Celebration Presentation

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December 11, 2011 Meeting

Please join us at the Pavilion at 1:00 pm for our general meeting.
The meeting will be chaired by Mary Beardslee and James Onsager will be leading the Projects discussions.

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Welcome to the new “season” of Better Together in Christ

Serving the elderly of San Felipe

We will begin our new season’s Better Together in Christ meetings on October 9th. Please plan to join us if you are able at the Pavilion’s Banquet room (the large room to the left of the golf shop) on El Dorado Ranch.


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Cataract Surgeries Completed!

Here is the update for the surgeries that were performed on Sunday, August 8th 2011 Mary Beardslee organized and got this project going and other Better Together members assisted not only in the transportation but many trips and hours of pre and post surgery required treatments. We thank God for all of you!

Dear Better Together Friends,
Today we are one day post cataract surgery.
This morning Sandi O., Christine and Mary B. met this morning. We were asked to take them to see the optomitrist today here in San Felipe for him to make sure that they are all okay after the long ride home.
Dr. Arazael Cordero Lopez met with all of the people and reported that they are all doing fine and that he feels the operations were perfect.
Because of the age and severity of thhe cataracts some of the people will have better vision than others but all of the surgeries are successful.
He did not charge Better Together for his services and he gave the people all nice new sunglasses for free. His office is on Mar Bermejo just off the Chetumal in the new stores across the street from La Vaquita 3.
All of the patients feel good today and have no pain. It is going to take several weeks to fully recover and heal from the surgery and the drops for their eyes are very important for a good outcome. We will continue to closely monitor the patients.
Emelia is going to stay with Sandi and Jim O. for sometime as she is unable to put the drops in her eyes and has no help.
Please continue to keep everyone in your prayers, both the care receivers and the care givers. Compliance continues to be our greatest concern at this time and we will be diligent to help the people as much as possible.
We thank and praise God for the success of this project.
Blessings, Mary Beardslee

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Vision assistance

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Cataract Project Phase 2


Olegario's vision check

Three candidates were evaluated by Dr. Guerra on 6/27/11.  Emelia and Pedro will be included in the surgery expected to be scheduled for late July or early August.  Praise God!

Pedro is examined

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