Monthly Minutes and Treasury Reports



 Opening prayer: Tom Fort

 Motion to accept the minutes for the October 2011 meeting was made by Betty DeMent and seconded by Judy Fries.  Motion passed.


Financial Report:  Ed Mayers             As of 11/11/2011   (Exchange rate of 12 to 1)


            $54,871.62 pesos                                ($4,572.64 USD)

            $  5,333.57 pesos in petty cash           ($444.46 USD)

            $   1,050.08 USD in petty cash           ($1,050.08 USD)

            Total funds in USD                            $6,067.18

Motion to accept the financial report was made by Ken Reinstadler and seconded by Dan Gracia.  Motion passed.


Better Together T-shirts and Business Cards:  Contact Jill Reinstadler if you haven’t received yours.


“Friends” of Better Together News:


99 + 1 Ministries:  Bonnie Gilbert needs help with the “Thanksgiving” event for “Adultos Mayores”, which is scheduled for November 30th


Medicorama:  We have received a donation based on purchases made with the Better Together discount card.


Adrienne Streppel (Physical Therapist):  Celia, Marcos, and Emelia Rubio are now receiving in-home treatments from Adrienne.  This has proven to be very valuable, as Adrienne is able to assess the needs of the care receivers, based on their home situations.


Optica Ilusion – O. D. Arazael Cordero Lopez continues to tend to our cataract patients.


Voluntarios Sin Limites (Food Bank):  Continues to help with our homebound people.


Cataract Project Update:  Mary Beardslee, who could not be present at this meeting, submitted a written report.  Highlights of the report include the following:  Angelina had her second surgery and is doing well.  We purchased a glucose monitor for her, and she is now checking her blood sugar twice a day.  Angelina is attending Dr. Eddie’s weekly diabetes meetings at the city library.  Rosalinda is doing very well.  Both she and Angelina are to see the doctor at the Eye Institue of Ensenada for a follow-up to see if they need treatment for retinopathy.  There is an American lady who needs to have a surgery, but she can’t afford to have it done in the US, but she could afford to pay for one here.  The doctor at the Eye Institute said that he is willing to assist us and do other surgeries at a cost of $1,500 pesos each.  There would be other costs involved, including fuel, meals, and lodging.


Dr. Eddie Ramirez is working with the Eye Institute of Ensenada to arrange to have eye clinics here in San Felipe.


Care Receiver Sponsor Status:  May Rocha reported that we now have sponsors as follows:  Claudette and Christine will sponsor Josefina Bejaramo Mendez; Carolyn Dunn and Bettie Beverage will sponsor Trini and also Arturo Cibrian Romero.  Sandi Keto will sponsor David Rojos, the gentleman who lives in the van.  Joan Macrusky will be co-sponsoring Arturo and his family with Maevene and Bill.  Our “bag ladies”, Cathie Lee Knight, Donita Reeves, and Sandi Cozens, are visiting our care receivers twice a month with fresh fruits and vegetables, etc. 


Building projects status:  Ken R. – There are three roof repairs to be completed, hopefully, by the end of the first week of December.  It will cost between $1000-$1500 for the three projects, because it is over 1500 square feet total.  Manuel at La Competencia has been giving us a discount on materials.


Other items:  There will be no Mobley/Onsager art show for this 2011-2012 season.


Motion by Jill Reinstadler and seconded by Ken R. that Mary Beardslee be reimbursed $48.46 USD for the glucometer she purchased for Guadalupe, the wife of the man who received hearing aids last season.  Motion passed.


Ken R. reported that Baja Medical Center has agreed to see our people on a case by case basis.  Ken would like to see Marcos be the first patient to receive this care.


Motion by Ken R. and seconded by Chuck Bryant that we approach Bonnie Gilbert with an offer to see if we can assist 99 + 1 with a donation of up to $200 USD for the upcoming “Thanksgiving” event.  Motion passed.


Ken R. asked that Sandi O. design and print an appreciation certificate to be presented to Sam Grubb at San Felipe Storage for his generosity in allowing Better Together to use a storage unit free of charge.  Susan Young suggested that Jill R. put a link from the Better Together website to the San Felipe Storage website.

We broke into two groups, with the men discussing and scheduling the construction projects and the women discussing the upcoming 99 + 1 “Thanksgiving” event.  Volunteers are needed to help assemble gift boxes at 99 + 1 on November 28th at 9 a.m. and to help set up for the event at 99 + 1 on November 30th at 8 a.m.  The event will take place on November 30th from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.


Next  meeting is December 11th  at the Pavilion at 1:00 p.m.  A volunteer is needed to chair that meeting.


Closing prayer by Dr. Eddie Ramirez




Opening prayer: Tom Fort

The Minutes for April 2011 were moved to be approved by Betty Dement and were seconded by Susan Young and carried by the group.

Financial Report: As of 09/30/2011 provided by Ed Mayers
Bank Balance: $48,226.31 Pesos
Petty Cash: $ 1089.57 US Dollars
Petty Cash: $ 10,064.00 Pesos

Financial Report was moved to be approved by Ken Reinstadler and seconded by Tom Fort and carried by the group.

Ed also gave us a Register Report showing sources of income and how much each project cost from 7/1/2011-6/30/2011: These, along with the financial report and agendas’ were handed out in hard copy but from now on will be emailed to registered “Better Together in Christ” Members prior to next meeting.

Polo shirts that were ordered were available for pick up. Sandi Meyers distributed those to those that ordered them at the meeting. Also the regular TShirts are available for those people that already ordered them and did not get them last spring. Better Together business cards and Medicorama cards are also available. Remember, the Better Together cards need a minor one letter correction.

Better Together Friends:
• Medicorama Pharmacy…you get a discount and Better Together gets money donated based upon our purchases with these cards.
• Adrienne Streppel (physical therapist)… is seeing Ceila Flores and Emelia Rubio every Tuesday for therapy and will be adding Marcos Avalos this coming week.
• Optica Ilusion-O.D….Arazael Cordero Lopez has a new optical shop in town and saw all of our cataract patients after surgery, some multiple times. He made sure they had not developed infection and the eye was healing normally. He did all visits without charge.
• Voluntarios Sin Limites….They do food deliveries to all of our home bound care receivers as well as their other services for a food bank in the community and services for special needs children. They are having a fashion show at the Pavilion on October 26th to raise money for continuing their services.

Cataract Project:
• Mary Beardslee gave us an update on the cataract project. In addition to the 6 that were done over the summer, we have an additional 2 patients that can receive the surgery in Ensenada at the end of this month. Mary is making all the arrangements for the transportation, overnight stay, surgery, and after care. Dr. Eddie Ramirez has been our guide in connecting us with Mexican doctors that do these surgeries with minimal expense.

Care Receiver Sponsor Status:
• Celia Flores received a donated sit down walker
• Arm crutches were purchased for Marcos Avalos
• An oxygen machine was purchased for Rodger DeVaul.

Trailer Status and request for donation:
• Ken received a request for trailer for Guadalupe Lopez. She takes care of the children at Casa de Fe. Her family is moving to mainland Mexico and she will not have a place to stay. She is 60. The trailer would be place on the lot next to Casa de Fe. Ken made a motion to let her use the trailer that is being stored at Sunshine Hacienda. Jim Onsager seconded the motion and the motion was carried.

Rotary Request:
• Rotary is requesting our group repair of a roof for a family that does not meet our age category. The roof is 30’x45’. It was decided this project needs more consideration.

Jill Reinstadler will be setting a date for the ladies to visit those elderly that do not have a sponsor. The ladies will decide which family/person they would like to sponsor.

An October calendar will be sent out with the dates and men assigned for work projects.

Closing prayer by Eddie.

The next regular meeting for Better Together will be on November 13th at the Pavilion at 1:00 pm

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  1. Ken and Jill says:

    Remember that we needed to change the location for the November meeting and it will be held on November 13th at 1:00 pm at Juanito’s Cantina on El Dorado Ranch

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